Aspects of Play: Maze Game.

Of the three theme ideas that I considered for my maze game, I decided to go with one that features  fire and water. I feel this could work quite well allowing the player to be good or bad. This led me to investigate the ways in which animated fire and water could be visualized in Unity. First i tried using 3Ds Max to make a fire effect, this worked quite well in 3Ds Max but I was unable to export the animation.Fire and Water01

Then I came across this tutorial on YouTube which helped me to use the fire particle system together with a flame texture to give the effect of fire, I then used the water surface splash to give the effect of flowing water.

Fire and Water

The overall effect is quite good but maybe too realistic looking, I may change this for a more cartoon style look.

Aspects of Play: Casual Game Project.

In order to create a working and playable fragment of my game idea, I researched online video and written tutorials in order to help me to produce the code needed to control the player through the movements of the mouse. Through following several tutorials I was also able to get an ‘enemy’ to follow the player wherever it is in the level. Untitled-1

I have also implemented collisions between the player and enemy by adding the rigid body and collider components in the Inspector tab.

Because this is a maze game there needs to be walls that also have collision, this was achieved be adding the mesh collider and rigidbody components.


The green outlines on my wall assets represent the collision boundaries of the wall and stop the player and enemy from passing through.