Moving my project from UDK to UE4.

The game engine I initially chose to build my project in was UDK, but I have now chosen to move over to UE4. This will allow me to create a more realistic looking environment as the materials and lighting effects in UE4 are a lot better than in UDK. The way that the materials are put together are a little different in UE4 and allow more control over the types of effects and finishes that are possible. This has led me to do quite a bit of research in to the use of the Roughness and Metallic nodes in the material editor as well as the use of RGB Roughness Masks which allow the roughness control of different areas of the same texture sample.

The Last Resort : Asset Creation.

After creating a block-out of the environment; I started working on some of the many assets that fill The Last Resort which will give it a used and lived in look and feel. The first of these are the futuristic looking (in 1990) tables, chairs and bar stools. I was unable to find any decent reference images of these, so I resorted to watching the movie and freeze framing when the tables, chairs or bar stools where in clear view.


Wireframe render of the assets.


A render showing in-Max materials applied to the modeles, next step will be to unwrap and texture for use in UDK.