Jonah: Creating hand drawn style signage.

Through researching the signage of the period, it became clear that signs used to advertise and promote businesses where hand painted, often perhaps by the owner of the business the sign was above.

To try and recreate this feel for our signage I and others who worked on the project sketched the lettering onto paper and photographed the results. Then through a little manipulation in Photoshop were able to produce some good authentic looking signs that didn’t rely upon computer generated fonts.



Here are two of the signs that I  created.

The Last Resort: Exterior Development.

Although I wasn’t initially going to model the outside of The Last Resort, I thought that including the exterior and a small section of the street out side of the building would give a more flowing and immersive atmosphere to my project.

Screen Cap01

This screen capture shows the exterior of The Last Resort as well as showing that the town in which it is located (Venusville)  is in fact in side an excavated void on Mars.


This is an in engine view of the exterior of The Last Resort which is still very much work in progress, the textures need tweaking a little but the most important thing that I need to get right is the lighting. There needs to be more of a red-orange Mars like glow to the environment, which is show in the movie.



Self-Initiated Project Research: PhotoShop Texturing.

For the texturing process of my project, I am initially using photo textures as I do not currently poses the skills to create my own. I would like to incorporate my own hand drawn textures as this will be useful to create unique textures that are not available elsewhere.

Jamin Shoulet is a 2D/3D artist and designer that has worked in the industry for the last 18 years and has worked with various companies which include Blizzard Entertainment where he worked on the 2D and 3D textures for World Of Warcraft.

Below are two very good texturing workshop tutorials in which he shows how to create some realistic looking textures such as stone, wood, brick, moss and even crystals.