Drug Beatdown Map Screen

Most games need some form of map to show the progress of play or to show in game objectives and points of interest. But because my game in more of a fighting game, I added a very simple map showing the five stages and your route through them.


This would be my in-game map, I based many of my ideas for this project upon  the Final Fight and Streets of Rage games.


1. Home Turf:

Home Turf is the first stage and the starting location for the battle to win back the streets from the drug lords and other criminals who reside in the downtown area of the city. The setting is the average leafy suburb that would be seen on the outskirts of any major city in the UK. Time of day is first light of dawn, around five o’clock in the morning; this would hopefully give our protagonists the advantage of catching the gangs whilst they are still asleep.


2. The Park:

The Park is the second stage and is set in what was once a beautiful family friendly gathering point for people who lived in the surrounding area. Since the drugs took over The Park has become a no-go area for local residents, even the police stay away.



3. Underground:

To reach the downtown area of the city, our protagonists must use the subway. This is a dangerous place with dark and dingy walkways that the degenerates lurk within, ready to pounce upon their next victim. You must be on your guard down here!


4. Bankside:

What used to be a nice walk along the riverbank where you could enjoy an ice-cream and watch the boats sail past has now become a hangout for drug users getting high and slumping out on the benches. No longer are ice-creams stalls seen selling treats, just dealers now selling poison.


5. Downtown:

This is the fifth and final stage where the drug dealer’s elite reside, in this built up area you must battle through what remains of drug lord’s followers to gain access to the commander of operations; Cid Klausmann.