Design For The User (Rabbit Heart GUI/HUD)

Below are some screenshots from my final design for the Rabbit Heart GUI and HUD project.



The title screen has three buttons that display Continue, New Game and Option buttons, these become visible when the cursor is hovered over images of Ululu, these emit a red aura to give a visual key to the player. I wanted to include some of the development art work created by Gareth and Paul in my designs for this project.



Ululu’s in-game HUD showing health bar, compass, equipped weapon, exo suit and inventory bag.



This is the inventory screen showing five slots within the bag, three of which are occupied.



The item selection screen gives information about the selected item and options for the player. Again some of the original art work is included in the background.




The Map screen shows Ululu’s current location and shows points of interest.




This is the view from the Ninja Bunny exo suit, in the middle is the HUD screen displaying compass and enemy location. The bar to the left displays the energy status of the Ninja Bunny, with ammo being displayed in the right hand corner. At the top right of the screen is an ejection pull handle that enables Ululu to exit the exo suit when its energy is depleted.

Designing for the User. Rabbit Heart GUI and HUD ideas.

As part of our Designing for the User module, we are to design a GUI and HUD layout for a video game being designed by our tutors: Gareth and Paul which is called Rabbit Heart.

Below are some designs I have come up with based upon Gareth and Paul’s artwork, designs and ideas.

GUI ideas

Below is a screenshot from a working menu screen in Flash. I have designed it using images borrowed from the Rabbit Heart blog using PhotoShop and Flash.

Rabbit Menu