The Last Resort: Exterior Development.

Although I wasn’t initially going to model the outside of The Last Resort, I thought that including the exterior and a small section of the street out side of the building would give a more flowing and immersive atmosphere to my project.

Screen Cap01

This screen capture shows the exterior of The Last Resort as well as showing that the town in which it is located (Venusville)  is in fact in side an excavated void on Mars.


This is an in engine view of the exterior of The Last Resort which is still very much work in progress, the textures need tweaking a little but the most important thing that I need to get right is the lighting. There needs to be more of a red-orange Mars like glow to the environment, which is show in the movie.



The Last Resort: Development Progress.

With only around six weeks until our degree show, I am starting to populate the interior of The Last Resort with the assets that I have and still are producing, as well as creating the textures and materials that will give them a realistic appearance. Below are two in engine (UE4) screen shots showing some areas that will be familiar to people who know the movie.


This shot shows some assets that populate the bar area as well as the tables.


This angle shows the area directly opposite the bar, and gives a good view of the floor space.


Western Client Project. Building Progress Update.


As stated in the brief; several burnt or partially burnt buildings were required within the town. I decided to create a small generic building as well as a partially burnt version of it, these buildings were base upon the one that can be seen in the photograph below.


Burnt Building Rend

This is the partially burnt building rendered in 3Ds Max which shows the textures and the wire frame of the model.

Burnt Building RendWire

Generic Domicile

This is the undamaged generic building which could be a small domicile for example.


Below is the diffuse and normal textures that I created for use in the UE4 game engine.

BBuild01  SaloonRen02

There is also an update of the saloon that I have been working on, all done and in our environment now, this shows the exterior of the building along with hand drawn signage that was manipulated in Photoshop to create a look that is in keeping with the period.


Self-Initiated Project: Environment Production Research.

Although I have recently been working on our year long group project, in which I have learnt quite a lot about asset and building construction within  3D design software; I would like to take this process a step further for the Hashima Island project by learning how to create a broader selection of models to give a more in-depth and realistic experience to the viewer/user.

One of my favorite adventure games is the Uncharted series, since the first episode of the game was released back in 2007 one of the main features of the game that really stood out was the levels of detail within the surrounding environments. I looked up some of the designers of the Uncharted games and found a good article on the Naughty Dog website that gives an insight to the design and production process that takes place when designing a realistic 3D environment.


Self-Initiated Project: Architecture Research.

To get a better understanding of how and why the buildings of Hashima were built, I have recently watched the recent BBC Four season of post war modern architecture. In particular the two part series (Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry with Jonathan Meades) gave me a good insight in to the design and the practical function of the Brutalism style of architecture that can be seen on Hashima.


Trellik Tower (1972) is a good example of the Brutalist architectural style.

Image from here:


Many of the buildings of Hashima date from the 1940’s -1960’s and feature a similar style.

Image from here:


Hashima Island Blockout

To get an idea of the scale of the island I have done a quick block out to show the approximate sizes of the buildings and their position to each other.


This block out will also give me some guidance towards which portion of the island I am going to focus on in order to create a highly detailed environment.

Interactive Environments. Exploration & Interaction.

Exploration and interaction in the virtual world has in more recent years become associated with video games. With the evolution of technology, the virtual environments created for video games are becoming more interactive and more realistic. The suggested use of virtual reality headsets to further expand the human interaction with virtual spaces has recently been resurrected with the recent demonstrations of the Oculus Rift and talk of a Sony VR headset.


Virtual reality in the non digital world can be traced back to the 16th century when the Italian artist Baldassarre Peruzzi (1481-1536) produced the fresco ‘Sala delle Prospettive’ (Hall of Perspective) 1518-19, on the walls of the Villa Farnesina.

The illusion of a world beyond the walls of the villa is achieved by painting a realistic view of the landscape of Rome in the distance with a terrace and pillars in the foreground painted in a perspective view. This process of creating an illusion of a three dimensional object on a flat surface is achieved in the same way as digital virtual environment is created.


Sala delle Prospettive is considered to be one of the first virtual spaces.