Degree Show Flyer Design Idea.

To promote the year 3 degree show that will feature the works of games design, web design and animation, the group was put into teams that were responsible for various aspects of the degree show set up. I was on the team that was responsible for branding and promotion; as well as having ideas for the logo design, I also produced two contrasting flyer designs that were to promote the event for the public showing.

First I did a simple, yet to the point design that featured mainly text and a small map to direct people to the event.

Design_01Although this design was liked by the majority of my peers that I showed it to, our tutor suggested that a more visual design that somehow promotes what we do and hopefully grabs peoples attention may be a better route to go down.

I started to do some research into flyer design on various sites; including the ones below.




During my research the design below popped up several times and really caught my eye; it was this design that inspired and influenced me to create my design.


Find this and more of their work at

To get a 3D feel to the flyer I used 3DS Max to model a scene that would be familiar to video gamers as well as people who are interested in digital media.

Max Flyer Scene 2In this scene I set up a landscape and the models that would be part of the flyer scene. Then I added a target camera and a three point lighting rig to produce a good quality render.

Max Flyer SceneThis is the camera view of the scene.

FlyerRenderThis is a render of the scene at 4K resolution.

Design_03jpgThis is the end result that had the logo (designed by Hayley) and text information inspired by the Lovejoy flyer added to it.

Although this flyer was not used to promote our event, it proved to be a good source of research and development for myself.





Professional Practice: Logo design ideas.


As part of our Professional Practice module we are responsible for the set up and promotion of our degree show. As part of this I was one of a few other students who were in the team tasked with designing the logo and banner design. There are three design degrees that need to be represented in our designs which are; Animation, Games Design and Web Design.

Here are the ideas that I produced.


Experimenting with adding interactivity to the environment


Adding some form of interactivity will give our environment a feel of what could be expected from a game of this type. It will also enable the group to experiment and push our creativity to further develop our skill sets.



To start with, I added a lift type platform which is triggered to ascend when the ‘F’ key is pressed through the use of ‘Matinee’ and ‘Blueprints’.


This could be a good way of accessing upper floors of the exterior of buildings.


I also wanted to look at introducing hazards to the western town.


To demonstrate this I thought that a collapsable floor that is controlled via a trigger would give an element of danger and surprise to some of the buildings and walkways.

Character Bio.

Basic Information:

Full name: Tayewo Afolayan (Tayewo, meaning “the first to taste the world”).

Nickname: Taye.

Gender: Female.

Species: Human.

Age: 23

Date of birth: 26/01/1989

Sexuality: Straight.

Nationality: Nigerian, (Yorùbá).

Religion: Orisha-Ifa.

Place of birth: Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria.

Currently residing in: Johannesburg, South Africa.

Native language: Yoruba language, (natively èdè Yorùbá)

Languages spoken: Yoruba language, English.

Relationship status: Single.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’ 6” (168 cm).

Weight: 134 lbs. (61 kg/9.5 stone).

Figure/Build: Athletic.

Hair colour: Dark brown.

Hair style: Traditional (braided).

Eye colour: Green.

Skin colour: Brown.

Tattoos: Ebeji idol (meaning, “Twins”)

Scars/Distinguishing marks: Facial tribal marks.

Preferred style of clothing: Western style.

Frequently worn jewellery: Necklace/bracelet.


Smoker? : No.

Drinker? : Yes.

Drug user? : No

Allergies: None known.

Any physical ailments/illnesses etc.? : None.


Persona: Competitive, confident but suspicious of strangers.

Fears/Phobias: Snakes.

Favourite colour: Orange.

Hobbies: Charcoal sketching, Traditional cooking.


Special ability: The power of persuasion.

Ability to operate vehicles? ; Yes automobiles/motorbikes.

Eating habits: 

Favourite foods: Chicken, okra soup.

Favourite drinks: Beer, coffee and orange juice.

Disliked food: Lamb.

Disliked drink: Tea.


Level of education: N/A.

Qualifications: N/A.

Current job: Bar worker.

Name of employer: Jakobus Goosen.

Combat Skills:

Technique: Judo.

Weapon of choice: Machete.

Strength in combat: Hand to hand.

Family, friends and foes:

Parent’s names: Unknown.

Are parent’s alive or dead? : Deceased.

Siblings: Twin sister, (Kehinde meaning “youngest of twins”) deceased.

Other important relatives: None.

Partner/spouse: None.

Children: None.

Best friend: Jakobus Goosen.

Enemies: Aunt and Uncle.


Back story.

Age: Birth – 10 years:

Tayewo Afolayan (Taye) was born in a small farming village on the outskirts of Benin City in Edo state in Nigeria. Born as a twin her name means (the first to taste the world), her sister was named Kehinde, meaning (last to come).

At the age of 6 Taye’s mother, father and sister were killed in a fire which also destroyed the family home. From this point Taye lived with her Aunt and Uncle in their home in Benin City where she was treated as a slave and was physically and mentally abused. Since the tragedy she has felt there is more to find out about what happened.

Age: 11 – present:

After living with her Aunt and Uncle for several years she was getting desperate to get away from the abuse and her slave like living conditions.

At the age of 14 she felt drawn towards South Africa and eventually decided to run away to Johannesburg to get away from her Aunt, Uncle and the painful memories of the past and tries to start a new life. Her dreams of a new life were short lived as she fell in to a life of crime, stealing money and food just to survive. When she was 18 she stumbled in to a bar whilst drunk and tried to steal a man’s wallet, but she was stopped by the owner of the bar; Mr Jakobus Goosen. Upon hearing upon Taye’s story Jakobus felt sorry for her and offered to take her in and give her a job, this was the start of a strong friendship between them.

Purpose of the character:

Ever since the death of Taye’s family she has felt that the full story surrounding the incident has not been told and that there are questions that need answering.

Since having to fend for herself since she arrived in Johannesburg, she has learnt how to handle herself with a machete and is not afraid to use it.

Whilst living with Jakobus she has felt safe and secure and feels that somehow she belongs in Johannesburg.

Now she starts seeing visions of a little girl in her dreams, she does not know who this girl is, but there is some sort of connection that is felt within.