Antagonist #5 Gripe’s Back Story.

Gripe’s Back Story

Gripe is believed to have been a rising college Basketball star in his late teens until his temper and his fists started getting him in to trouble both on and off the Basketball court. After spending a three year stretch in Bayview Correctional Facility for aggravated assault on a pizza delivery boy, he came out with his future in Basketball over and with a criminally wired mind.

Antagonist #3 Evra’s Back Story.

Evra’s Back Story

Evra is believed to have worked in Amsterdam’s red light district since the age of sixteen. She started out working in bars and built up a vast list of useful contacts and allies, two of whom are the Klausmann brothers. With Evra’s access to pimps and prostitutes she has been able to sell ‘Rapture’ to many people and become a formidable enemy to anyone who stands in her way.