Aspects of Play: Physical Games.

Playing Superheroes!


Superheroes is a game that me and my 4 year old son play almost every day, it mostly involves me being the ‘baddie guy’ or a zombie and my son being a superhero.  Children see superheroes in games and movies, and so they role-play based upon what they have seen and heard and make a game from this.

This sort play falls into the Mimicry category of games, and although I don’t really enter a state of flow whist playing  it is obvious that my son does.

Young children in particular mimic what they see and experience both in real life and what they see on television and in video games. Role-playing is fundamental for both cognition and social skill development within a young child.

Aspects of Play: Mobile Games.

Can You Escape 2.


Screenshot_2014-01-04-21-17-58Can you Escape 2 is a puzzle game for mobile devices which falls in to the Agon and Mimicry categories of games.

Mimicry is the first obvious category here because you start each level trapped within a room and have to search the room for items in order to solve clues which in turn help you escape the room.

Screenshot_2014-01-04-21-19-13As you search the room for clues Agon (competitive) becomes more obvious as puzzles need to be solved in order to receive items to store in you inventory.

Screenshot_2014-01-04-21-19-53Although this game is not particularly difficult it does require you to use your brain in various ways; i.e. maths and memory.

A certain amount of Alea (chance) is also present here too, as some of the puzzles and items are and need to be literary stumbled upon.

You can fall in to a state of flow quite easily in this game (you want to escape) but with only ten levels it is too short at the moment.


Aspects Of Play: Mobile Games Exploration and Evaluation.



Badland is a beautiful looking side scrolling game made by Frogmind  that I have been playing for a couple of days on my mobile phone.  The  aim of this game is to guide a small creature through the forest which is littered with dangerous obstacles such as saw blades and falling rocks in order to reach a  transportation tube that takes you to the next level. Along the way your creature gathers ‘power ups’ which aid and hamper your progression through the level. The controls are as basic as they possibly could be, it is self scrolling and simply touching anywhere on the screen ascends the creature and to descend just stop touching the screen. With the controls being so simple you can just concentrate upon navigating through the forest and thus allows a decent amount of time to pass by without realizing it. The obstacles that obstruct you provide a competitive element to the game, whilst the various collected power ups disorientate the game play in several ways. The free version gives 40 levels to conquer, I like it.