Paragon Station Research. Vehicles.


Trams where a common sight on the streets in certain parts of Hull in 1914, they were even used as mobile advertisement boards just like buses are today.



These photos of trams used in Hull around 1914 will allow the group to accurately reproduce our virtual trams.


Trams were also used as a recruitment platform by the armed forces.

Photos acquired from:


Cars were fairly uncommon in England in 1914, nevertheless there would have been several cars around the Paragon Station area in 1914.


A 1908 Talbot 25hp.




A Ford Model T from 1913.



Paragon Station Research. Buildings.

Many of the building that existed in and around the Paragon Station area in 1914 were either destroyed during the bombing raids of World War two or were demolished due to the expansion of the road network that was required as automobiles became a more common means of transport after World War Two. We have managed to find out what most of the building that were destroyed looked like in 1914 and what some of the buildings that still exist now looked like, as some of these have been extended or otherwise altered.

Most of the information that i have gathered has come from the the Hull History Centre and the website ‘The Anlaby Road’ which accompanies the book of the same name by Paul Gibson.

Hull’s Paragon Station. (Group Project).

For the course of the second year of my games design degree, our year has been given the task of digitally recreating what Hull’s Paragon Station and some of the surrounding area would have looked like in 1914. Because this is a year long project the completion date will be next year (2014) and therefore will coincide with the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. We are trying to recreate an historically accurate as possible reconstruction of what life may have looked like in and around the train station 100 years ago. We are to include soldiers that would have departed their families and loved ones from the station to  journey to the front-line.

To ensure an accurate as possible reconstruction it is imperative that the whole group does vast amounts of research into what the area looked like a century ago, the areas of research include buildings, signage, trains, trams (horse drawn and electric), horse drawn cartridges, automobiles, street surfaces, street lighting, railings and other street furniture and the clothing styles of the time both military and civilian.


This is a map showing Paragon Station and the surrounding area which dates from 1910, the green shaded area highlights what the group is planing to recreate, this area includes the two entrances to the station as well as significant buildings and features of the time some of which remain to this day.