Other Practitioners ‘The Street’. Claude Parent

Claude Parent’s design for the Venice Biennale 1970.

The style of architecture seen in Claude Parent and Paul Virilio’s designs are very angular and futuristic looking, even though they date from the 1960’s. Some of his work must have inspired the building design used in several science fiction movies from the 1970’s through to the 1990’s.


claude parent biennale venise 4




“Their pride and joy…” mini – brief.

The boat brief outline.

The side door of a dwelling. with a door/entrance open and partial view of the interior. Outside the door is a medium to large boat/water based vehicle on a trailer, the vehicle in under repair, or being loaded for a trip and is surrounded by parts/items/boxes/kit etc. A pet sits in/on the vehicle waiting for its owner to return.

A few ideas for a submarine scene.

Ended up doing a typical boat on trailer out side of someone’s home.

My final idea and a photo of a scene.

My final design for the boat scene brief.