The Key Differences Between Storyboards and Traditional Illustration.

Storyboards usually feature hand drawn sketches arranged in sequence to show as a rough draft what a scene of a TV show or movie may look like, this is done to give directors and cinematographers an opportunity to flag up any problems or issues that may exist within the scene. This also enable the director to instruct actors and crew members what they should be doing at any specific time within that scene.

In traditional illustration, drawings and sketches can be used to show a setting or to visualize a character that may be used within a movie or video game, these illustrations could also be presented in the form of concept art.

Both story-boarding and illustration can be produced in pencil sketches, full colour painting and digital forms.


This great example from here:-

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (More Pics)


Just a couple of additional pictures from our group project of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the chocolate room (center of factory) was created by Matt in SketchUp and then was imported into and married up to the models i created. More images to come!

Casual Game Concept.

The Drunkard

Game Concept:

The “Drunkard” is a single player side scrolling classic platform game where you are Bill, a thirty something year old man who is suffering from a rare medical condition that requires him to drink alcohol in order to stay sober.

Bill is in search of an elusive doctor who is believed to know how to cure Bill’s condition, this doctors location however is shrouded in mystery.

Player Role:

The players role is to make their way through levels set in various cities  avoiding police who may think he is drunk (although he is not) who will arrest him, cyclists and Henchmen of the evil Dr Gein who wants to experiment upon him. If Bill encounters any of these enemies he must run away and/or hide from them to avoid capture otherwise the level will re-start. Upon completion of each level Bill is rewarded with a part of a map coordinate that he inputs in to his smartphone map to try to locate the elusive doctor.

Game Play:

Because Bill requires a steady supply of alcoholic beverages the player must be on a constant look out for them and consume them, coffee and energy drinks should be avoided as these have a negative effect on alcohol. As the effects of alcohol wear off Bill appears to be more and drunk and therefore becomes harder to control as Bill starts to lean forward and will eventually fall over. As the player you must counteract this falling over motion by tilting the device or by pressing the opposite direction on the controller and find an alcoholic beverage.

Game Concepts (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

In Craft and media tech we were placed in to groups and given a brief to create a game concept based upon a book that we had read. The only book which really sticks in my head is Roald Dahl’s, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which i must have read to my three year old son about ten times in the last year or so. So, me and our group decided this was a good book to base a game upon and after lots of discussion and idea plucking we decided to base the game upon a character briefly mentioned in the original book. This character Charlotte Russe was the finder of a golden ticket, which turned out to be a fake. After being found out Charlotte becomes envious of the five winners of the golden tickets and embarks upon a mission to disrupt their trip around the factory by any means possible, so that she can claim the prize.

A model of Willy Wonka’s factory, made in SketchUp.

The Great Gum Machine.

The Great Gum Machine, where Violet Beauregarde meets her demise.

An illustration of The Great Gum Machine by Faith Jaques, from my 1975 copy of the book.

level floor plan

This is a floor plan of Wonkas factory that was designed within our group, it was based upon descriptions of the factory with Roald Dahl’s book.