The Last Resort: Exterior Development.

Although I wasn’t initially going to model the outside of The Last Resort, I thought that including the exterior and a small section of the street out side of the building would give a more flowing and immersive atmosphere to my project.

Screen Cap01

This screen capture shows the exterior of The Last Resort as well as showing that the town in which it is located (Venusville)  is in fact in side an excavated void on Mars.


This is an in engine view of the exterior of The Last Resort which is still very much work in progress, the textures need tweaking a little but the most important thing that I need to get right is the lighting. There needs to be more of a red-orange Mars like glow to the environment, which is show in the movie.



Using MudBox for character creation.

As I am trying to create Douglas Quaid from Total Recall to occupy my recreation of The Last Resort, I have started using Mudbox for the first time. After watching a few tutorials and using the Mudbox help page I got stuck into sculpting Arnie’s face and head.


01 02 03 04 05 06 Ren3Still a bit to do, but he’s getting there.