One minute video: Treatment and Story Board

Digital coffee break

He walks into the kitchen and opens the drawer to pick up a spoon to make his morning cup of coffee, perhaps to aid the recovery of a slight hangover  The kettle has already boiled so he opens the sugar container and scoops up half a spoonful, but something is different!; the sugar looks different, bright yellow and almost animated! He really needs a cup of coffee, so continues to the coffee container and scoops out a large heaped spoonful, the coffee also looks odd, animated and this is bright red, what’s going on?

On to pouring the water from the kettle, surely this will be ok? But no, a steady stream of animated digital electric blue water pours from the kettle in to the cup, very strange he thinks but he really is thirsty now and he continues to pour until the cup is almost full, put the kettle down and then stirs the contents of the cup. Where there would usually be a dark brown liquid occupying the cup, this time there is a tangerine coloured digital looking substance; is he hallucinating, how much did he drink last night? His mouth is very dry now; surely it is just coffee in the cup, right?

He takes a sip then puts the cup back down on the counter, he feels a slight burning sensation coming from within, then a tingling all over his body; he looks up from his strange cup of coffee and into the mirror on the wall and doesn’t see himself, he sees his digital self.