Self-Initiated Project: Hashima Island.

For my self-initiated project I am going to build a computer generated environment using 3Ds Max and UDK. The environment that I will be creating will be a part of the island of Hashima, which is a deserted Japanese island located 9 miles from the mainland. The island was positioned above vast coal deposits and was populated with coal miners and their families from 1887 until 1974 when it was forced to close along with most of Japans other coal mines; mainly due to the increased use of petroleum rather than coal during the 1960’s.


Hashima island has been uninhabited for 40 years now and has been exposed to the destructive forces of typhoons which has left the island looking like a war torn city. I plan to recreate the city as it was in 1973 just before the mass exodus took place back to the mainland.