Final Major Project Proposal

As a movie fan I have often wondered how great it would be to actually experience and explore some of the sets and environments that I have seen on-screen and I am sure that other people that share an interest in movies would have this point of view.

Most of the sci-fi related sets within movies nowadays are mostly computer generated, but going back 25 years or so this wasn’t the case as C.G.I. wasn’t so advanced, the sets where literally ‘built’ and now only exist on film. This is one of the reasons for wanting to recreate the environments from the movie that I have chosen.

The environment that I am going to re-create is going to be relatively small and enclosed and I hope to stay as accurate and true as possible to the movie environment.

I will be using 3Ds Max to build all the assets and models in the environment, texturing will be done in Photoshop and I will be using UDK as the game engine.

To give the re-created movie scene some added familiarity to the actual movie, I will also be adding a character to the environment which will hopefully be animated.

The character will be modelled in Mudbox and 3Ds Max and textured in Mudbox and Photoshop.


Project Goals:



  • To recreate an enclosed environment as featured in a movie that is accurate in both visuals and in scale.
  • To model and texture one character from my chosen movie.



  • Add an element of interactivity to the environment, possibly relating directly to the movie.


  • Have animation added to the character as an NPC.

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