Paragon Project: Train Asset.

Although our project is centered around a train station we only had one completed train engine for the whole station, so I decided to make a steam engine with accompanying coal cart that visually differed from the first one that Adam had already made.

2386.Ken_.-Jc.c1914-copyThis is the reference photo that I used to base my model upon.


An early stage of development.7

Later in the process I had made alterations to the front of the tank and the wheels.9

As the inside of the cab wont be seen too much I opted for minimal control detail.TrainsRender02To add more variety I made two textures for the engines in North Eastern Railway (NER) colours.TwoTrainsUDKHere are the completed engines with their coal carts in the UDK engine.






3 thoughts on “Paragon Project: Train Asset.

  1. The ‘coal cart’ is actually called a tender. It carried much more water than coal. The top at the rear should be closed in and have a hatch to allow the water tank to be refilled. There are no buffers between the loco and the tender either, the tender is close coupled to the loco, look closely at your photo and you will see what I mean.
    Otherwise a nice job, well done.

  2. Great to see you responding to constructive criticism in this way Jamie. It’s going to be worth documenting and contextualising this with regard to the learning outcomes, particularly 1, 2 and 4.
    Well done.

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