Paragon Project: Hammond’s of Hull.

The original Hammond’s building which stood in the location of the current House Of Fraser store in Paragon Square was destroyed in 1941 during a German bombing raid. Researching the period of construction and completion date proved to be quite  difficult to determine, I eventually found that it was under construction during our setting of 1914 and it opened it’s doors in 1916, I only managed to find one photo of the building under construction in a book called ‘Hammonds of Hull: A Store of Good Things for Family and Home’ by John Markham.

The photo showed the building in the early stages of construction with no real recognisable features relating to the grandeur of the completed building, with this in mind I decided to shift the construction progression forward to that of a more finished state. I know that this may be “historically inaccurate” but I feel that recreating a building that perhaps most people will not know once existed would be  more aesthetically pleasing than showing the skeletal structure that lied underneath.

Hammond's Under Construction 1914

Hammond’s under construction 1914.

Hammond's opening day 1916

Opening day 1916.


The model of Hammond’s that I am currently working on.


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