Mobile Game Evaluation

Paper Toss


Paper Toss is a fun casual game in which you throw crumpled up pieces of paper in to a waste paper bin, this is visualized from a first person view giving the impression that you are at work or at an airport etc. and are you are bored, so you play a game to pass the time, demonstrating the category of mimicry.


There is a reward system based upon achieving a higher score than your previous attempt, this is indicated by a visual score board and by an audible ‘crowd cheer’. To hamper your efforts of gaining a high score the waste paper bin is situated at different degrees of distance, depending on the difficulty level the player chose, an electric fan is also placed in various locations which has a varying wind speed designed to blow your paper projectile off course. These two elements place Paper Toss in to the Illinx and Agon game categories, as theorized by Roger Caillois.



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