Aspects of Play: Mobile Games

Nightmare: Malaria


In Nightmare: Malaria you play the part of Anna, a little girl who is trapped within the nightmare of being within her own bloodstream that is infected with malaria, your objective is to rescue the teddy bears in each level in order to progress to other levels whilst avoiding mosquito’s and infected pools.


As you are playing the role of a little girl in a nightmare world, Nightmare can be placed in to the mimicry and Ilinx (disorientation) categories of Caillois’ theory of games.

The mechanics of player movement have an aspect of disorientation too; Anna is within her own blood stream so her movements represent this, she floats slightly when jumping this makes adds a further element of competitiveness (Agon) to the game.

Nightmare: Malaria was created by Psyop and Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), and acts as a platform to raise awareness of the work done by AMF to help preventing malaria related deaths.


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