Aspects of Play: Mobile Games.

Can You Escape 2.


Screenshot_2014-01-04-21-17-58Can you Escape 2 is a puzzle game for mobile devices which falls in to the Agon and Mimicry categories of games.

Mimicry is the first obvious category here because you start each level trapped within a room and have to search the room for items in order to solve clues which in turn help you escape the room.

Screenshot_2014-01-04-21-19-13As you search the room for clues Agon (competitive) becomes more obvious as puzzles need to be solved in order to receive items to store in you inventory.

Screenshot_2014-01-04-21-19-53Although this game is not particularly difficult it does require you to use your brain in various ways; i.e. maths and memory.

A certain amount of Alea (chance) is also present here too, as some of the puzzles and items are and need to be literary stumbled upon.

You can fall in to a state of flow quite easily in this game (you want to escape) but with only ten levels it is too short at the moment.



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