Aspects of Play: Casual Game Project.

Maze Game theme ideas.

My  initial game proposal for a maze chase type game had no real underlying theme to it, so I came up with three different themes that can work as a maze chase game.

1. You are a bug trying to reach the safety of your nest/home, but other nasty insects are out to catch and eat you!


2. Through a series of joined piping you are to guide a liquid/medicine to the goal/patient before a perusing poison liquid touches and destroys you!


3. You are a flame moving through the parched fields on a mission to burn down buildings, only one thing can stop you the torrent of water behind you. This can also work in reverse; as the water you could be chasing the flame to prevent it from burning down the building at the end of the maze. The player cold also choose whether to be the flame or water.



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