Aspects of Play: Games Research, Poker.


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Poker is probably the most popular card game there is, it originates from New Orleans and the Mississippi riverboats of the mid 1800’s and today it is played all over the world either around the dining table, in casino’s, on the internet and in multi-million dollar televised tournaments.

Poker fits into three of Caillois’ game categories, the first of which is Alea (chance) as it is pure chance or luck of the draw, what cards the players are dealt and depending upon which variant of poker is being played what cards are in the ‘community’. Agon is also a category that Poker fits into as the players in a game of Poker are competing against each other to obtain the highest possible hand.

An element of Mimicry or role playing could also be considered with in a game of Poker, when a player receives a particularly good or bad hand they wont want the other players to see a facial expression that may reveal their joy or disgust, this is where a good ‘Poker Face’ is required to enable the player to bluff if the wish to.

A good state of flow can be experienced whilst play Poker as a good amount of skill is required (knowledge of hands) and depending upon your opponents a varied amount of challenge can be expected.


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