Interactive User Interfaces: Shopping.

The introduction of the ‘self-checkout’ in shops and supermarkets in recent years has made interactive interfaces even more common in our everyday lives. Designed to reduce the queues at the check-out and to reduce staffing costs by allowing the shopper to perform the task that check out staff are paid to do. This has now evolved it to the ‘shop and scan’ method of self-checkout in which the shopper can scan and bag their goods whilst pushing their trolley down the aisles with the aid of a handheld scanner which uploads its data into a pay terminal at the end of the shop, this is designed to eliminate queuing at checkout almost completely.


In South Korea this idea of fast shopping has gone a step or two further, either on your way to or from work you can do your shopping whilst waiting for the train! Some subway stations have advertisement boards that look like super market aisles, the images of groceries can be scanned with a smart phone, paid for and then delivered to your home.


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