The Alphabet Challenge.

During our week off uni, we were given the task of using 3Ds Max to model the alphabet in a font of our choice both in upper and lower case. After looking at several different fonts I decided to model a font i found on dafont called Kock Fette Deutsche Schrift.0This is what the font looks like.

1First I used the text tool to show the letters to use as a visual guide.

2Then I used the line tool to trace around the outline of the letter.

3After the whole letter was outlined i could move to the next step.

4The extrude modifier was used next and this added depth to the flat outline, but the holes of the letters where filled which is not required.

5So again I used the line tool to trace around where the holes are, the extruded them in the same way as with the letter outline.

6I used the Boolean tool to subtract the newly made shape from the letter to reveal a hole.

7This is what the end result looks like, but now I needed to add textures.

8So, using the Unwrap UVW modifier I rendered a UV template and then exported this to Photoshop.

9I just used large images to completely cover the shapes, as shown above with 50% opacity.

10I used 100% opacity for the texture map that was applied to my model.

11Using the material editor in 3Ds Max i applied the texture map to the model. I used wood for the edges and the A-Z of fruit for the top and bottom faces.


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