Paragon Project: Human Asset.

As well as populating our environment with buildings, trams, car and scenery; people will also have to be included. Trying to model a person from scratch in 3Ds Max is would be a very time intensive task for my limited skills, so I have chosen to approach the task by using a piece of software called Makehuman.

1In Makehuman a 3D model of a person is available to alter and manipulate in endless configurations.

2Models can be exported in various formats, for a pose-able model for 3Ds Max I exported in Collada (dae) format.

3The pose-able dummy can be seen under the skin of the model.

4Our people will need clothes, to do this i simply converted the skin to an editable poly then copied a region i.e. body, then I pulled and moved vertices to resemble a shirt then extruded the whole are so that it was slightly larger the the original and added some colour to distinguish from the skin-tone.

5This was my first attempt so isn’t brilliant, but I am happy with the results.

6This is the texture free model imported into UDK Editor in which we will be making our environment in.



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