Aspects of Play. Online Casual Gaming.

As part of our Aspects of Play module we are researching three categories of games, these are: Online casual gaming, Board / card games and Console / Handheld based games. We are to consider why we play games and what attracts us to them, what genres they may fit in to in relation to Roger Caillois’s theory, and decide whether or not they can be related to the other categories that we are researching.

Potty Racers 4: World Tour.

Potty01Potty Racers 4 is a very addictive and very fun game in which you drive a port-a-loo of a ramp to see how far you can jump. The aim is to reach milestones within the level that become further and further away from the ramp, to achieve greater distances you buy and attach various modifications to your ‘Potty’ with money that is collected in mid air. These modifications range from engines to increase take off speed to wings that enable the potty to glide further.Potty3

Whilst playing this game I really got stuck in to it and was determined to finish it, this took just twenty minutes for the three levels which is all you can expect of a casual online game that is free, but in my opinion would make a great game on the mobile platform.


I would say that Potty Racers 4 fits within the Agon and Mimicry categories of Caillois’s theory.

Try this game for yourself. Here!


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