‘The Street’

 As part of an additional brief, we where to look at a high street that could be in any city, town or village. This high street could contain a mixture of building types and uses, including shopping, leisure and residential.

DSC_0119The above photo of King Street in Cottingham features a very old building to the left and a much newer building to the right, it becomes very obvious how much bigger the newer building is when you realize how high the ground floor of the newer building is compared to the older building. It is good to see that the frontage of the older building looks like it hasn’t been altered too much since it was built.

C344108 (1)

A photo showing the older building in 1965.

I think that this building was probably stood alone at one point as someones home, long before it was turned int a shop with flats above.

A few of the buildings in and around King Street seem to have extenstions added onto them with flat roofs in order to extend floor space in the shops.


These extensions on Hallgate in Cottingham are very new compared to the building, the original building is now barely noticable.



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