Protagonist #4 Ryukyu’s Back Story

Master Ryukyu Kobiashi Back Story

Ryukyu Kobiashi was born in the city Nago on Okinawa Island in Japan in the winter of 1940; he was named Ryukyu by his mother after the stretch of islands that Okinawa is situated in.
Because Ryukyu is from Okinawa he was naturally influenced to learn the martial art of Karate which originated and was developed in Okinawa. Ryukyu soon became highly skilled in the techniques of Karate and started his own classes in his spear time. In 1960 he moved to Nagasaki to work as a coal miner on Hashima Island, it was good pay that enabled Ryukyu to work there one month on and one month off so he could continue teaching Karate and gave him time to start a family; he continued to work as a miner on Hashima Island until the coal ran out in 1974.
In 1975 Ryukyu and in wife separated, so he decided to move to the UK to set up a Dojo of his own, so that he could teach others the skills of karate.

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