Protagonist #2 Dan’s Back Story

Dan Phillips Back Story

Dan Phillips is originally from Newcastle where he lived with his parents until thy both died from a drug overdose after becoming addicted to ‘Rapture’, this was four years ago when Dan was just thirteen. Dan realized that hid didn’t want to stay in Newcastle; since he had no family that he knew of, so he decided to hitch hike his way down to London to try to broaden his opportunities.

After living rough for about eight months Dan stumbled into Master Ryukyu’s Dojo looking dirty and half starved, this is when he met Hugo, Elize and Master Ryukyu. Hugo and Elize took Dan in to their own home, and he became just like a brother to them.

Dan is now a more mature young man who is proficient in the martial art of Karate and in a student of Hugo and Master Ryukyu.


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