Protagonist #1 Hugo’s Back Story

Hugo Simmonds Back story

Hugo Simmonds was born in the summer of 1985 to Stephen and Grace Simmonds in a quiet suburb in London. Hugo’s mother and father loved to have family holidays in France every time Hugo and his younger sister Elize where on school holiday; this may explain why the siblings have French first names. From an early age Hugo showed an interest in martial arts and would go down to the local video rental shop with his Father every weekend to rent kung fu and martial arts movies. When Hugo was eleven he joined the local Dojo to learn Karate, this is where he met Master Ryukyu who would turn out to be a role model and great mentor to Hugo, helping him develop his karate skills to the point where Hugo himself could teach new students at Master Ryukyu’s Dojo.

During his late teens and early twenties Hugo saw the decay of the area he grew up in and the death of many friends and people he knew, this was due to an influx of a new narcotic introduced to the U.K. by Cid and Hanz Klausmann: two of the biggest and most dangerous drug-lords in Western Europe. This drug; know as ‘Rapture’ is highly addictive and destructive, people who are addicted to it will do anything to acquire it!

Hugo is now determined to clean up the streets and bring the Klausmann brothers to justice.


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