RPG Game proposal

For my game idea I have decided to take the idea of a side scrolling beat’em-up game such as Final Fight and incorporate RPG style quests that increase XP embedded within the story. The main character of the game would walk through these levels scrolling from left to right, encountering enemy fighters on the way and would gain Fight Experience Points (FXP) by defeating these enemies.

These enemies are fighting for the main game big boss who it a drug lord, this drug lord is flooding the streets with a new drug that is destroying the city in which your character grew up in.

As your player gains these (FXP) their skill level would increase to a point where they could (if the player desired) enter a competition fighting arena where they could face an equally skilled opponent in a caged death match and could also choose to gamble FXP to gain money to buy fighting equipment such as fighting gloves and knuckle dusters to increase their Fighting Power (FP), if the player loses the fight however they will then have lost their gambled FXP.

Your players Fight Experience Points (FXP) and Fighting Power (FP) are critical and required to defeat the level end boss. The games HUD would display the required FXP and FP that enable the player to face this end boss and therefore progress to the next level.

Along the way your player will become hurt in the street fights and can revive their energy by consuming food that is hidden behind or in boxes and trash cans, like was seen in games such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage.

Along the way the main character would team up with allies in the form of training coaches and rebellion fighters who are there to help you increase your fighting power and skills so you can battle your way through the streets of your city to reach the big boss so you can defeat him and help return the city to the way it was.


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