Signifiers and Signified, Signs and Objects (Semiotics)

A Signifier is the representation of a sound or a visual image that is then carried over into a mental image of that sound or image, this is the signified.

An object is basically anything that does or does not exist, that can be thought of or that can evoke a discussion.

So if I was walking down the street and walked past a bakery (Signifier) I may think of buns or cakes (signified), or if a friend text me to ask if I wanted to go to the cinema I think of a cinema (Signifier), but then I may think of what movies might be showing, what beer they serve and if they sell those sweets I like, this would be my interpretation of the word cinema (signified).


When we think of snow (Signifier) we think of snowflakes, snowmen and cold (signified). A snowflake, cold weather and frost are all sings that represent winter (object).wintersnowflake-t2

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