3Ds Max Lesson Two: UVW Texture Wrapping

First UVW Wrap.

pyramid tt

First of all I started with a primitive shape (pyramid) then I used a modifier tool (Unwrap UVW) to unfold the pyramid, after exporting into Photoshop I added a photo of one of the Giza pyramids and cropped it to fit the pyramid shape. After applying this image to all four sides I saved it as a jpeg then opened it if 3Ds Max in the material editor and pasted it onto the pyramid, after adding the sand and sky on to planes, the below image was then rendered.


Second UVW Wrap

Coke Cup

This is my second attempt at UVW Wrapping, done in the same way as the pyramid, but i added a straw into the cup that i made using two tubes then I joined them using a hose, to replicate the bendy bit : )




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