Entertainment Industry Company Logos

Our first mini-brief of semester two for Craft and Media Tech was to look at and collect various examples of Entertainment Industry (Games, TV, Film and Animation) Production Company Logos, Identities and Brands.  We were to comment on what we find appealing and what we feel does and does not work, how and why these ident’s have been made and what process was used to create them.

I chose the two main surround sound production companies Dolby and DTS, as well as the sound and vision mastering company THX. All of which have very recognisable static logos and animated ident’s with demonstrate the results of their specific industry leading processes.

Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Dolby and the ‘Double D’ logo are probably the most recognised symbols when we think of digital surround sound both at home and in the cinema, but Dolby Laboratories started out producing noise reduction technologies for the professional music industry in 1965 and for the consumer market in 1968.

In 1970 the popularity of the cassette tape led to Dolby noise reduction being incorporated into home audio equipment that now displayed the Dolby and ‘Double D’ logos.

Presently Dolby is the most common digital surround sound format used in cinemas and as the main audio track on DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s and in video games.

This Dolby Digital animation sequence demonstrates the audio capabilities of the surround sound format by using a helicopter flying over Broadway on an approach to a cinema with the Dolby logo displayed above it, indicating that Dolby Digital is the industry leader in surround sound. 

DTS Inc.


DTS (Digital Theatre Systems) was founded in 1990 by Terry Beard and was introduced to cinemas in 1993 with the release of Jurassic Park. DTS is a digital surround sound format that is widely used in the movie and video games industries. 

The piano sequence used in the DTS animated logo could be seen to show how refined the DTS surround sound format is.

THX Ltd. 


THX. Ltd. is a quality assurance standard used in the movie and video games industries that ensures an optimal audio and visual experience for the audience. THX was originally founded and developed in 1983 by  Tomlinson Holman at George Lucas’s company, Lucasfilm.

This THX sequence was inspired by the movie Terminator 2 which set new standards for the use of CGI in movies.

The three logo’s that i chose have been designed to show off the technical expertise of the companies by immersing the viewer in eye popping visuals and atmospheric surround sound.


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