Reflections upon My Casual Game Concept

Thoughts upon designing and developing a game concept


When we were given the brief for developing a casual game concept, I knew that it would have to be a 2D side scrolling platform type game, and then I thought that the best medium for any casual game nowadays is that of a touchscreen Smartphone or Tablet based computer. I thought about the typical games that exist on the various online stores which serve said devices, these are mainly ‘Sim City’, ‘Mario’  or ‘Angry Bird’ clones or a super scaled down version of a current console top title and so I  decided to go for something that I don’t think has been done before.

I don’t believe that a game has been made that features a thirty something year old who needs alcohol to stay sober, who becomes more and more difficult to control as the effects of alcohol wear off!  The accelerometers built into Tablets and Smartphones would make good use of the control method required within ‘The Drunkard’ to try and stop Bill from falling over, I thought.

The audience for my game would probably be targeted at males and females aged around thirty, which I have read currently account for the majority of game players.

The way in which I designed the characters may be unconventional, but I think it worked: I just sat at my computer with my Bamboo tablet and drew in Photoshop until I was happy with the results.

Making a playable demo of a level was quite hard for me as I am not so good with Flash; I spent many hours over many days and nights watching tutorials on YouTube and reading blogs for solutions to my errors, but in the end I got something working and would like to develop the game further.


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