Casual Game Concept (H.C.D.)

The Drunkard

Jamie Fitzgerald

High Concept

You are Bill, ‘The Drunkard’; your life is a mess. Through the eyes of most people this is your own doing, but they couldn’t be more wrong….


  • Single player side scrolling platform game.
  • Work your way through various city based levels to gather information to the whereabouts of The Elusive Doctor.
  • Collect alcoholic beverages to ‘sober up’ Bill and therefore reach the end of the level.
  • Try to keep bills alcohol level topped up, as this level diminishes with time making Bill uncontrollable.
  • Avoid capture by the evil Dr. Gein and his henchmen by hiding, running away or by standing your ground and fighting.
  • Collect credits by evading/defeating  enemies
  • Use gathered information and credits to progress through the various cities.

Player Motivation:

Reach the end of each level to collect two numbers that are inputted into Bill’s sat nav as coordinates to find the location of The Elusive Doctor who is believed to hold the cure for Bill’s condition.

Genre: Casual game / Platform.

Platforms: Hand held Smartphone and tablets running iOs and Android.

Targeted gamers: Probably males in the age range of 14-35 who like gaming on the go.

Unique selling point: Bill will start to fall over as the effects of alcohol start to wear off; the player must tilt their gaming device left or right to counteract the falling of Bill whilst searching for more alcohol to sober him up.


The Drunkard is the story of Bill, a thirty something year old man with a rare medical condition that makes him act and appear drunk even though he is sober, this condition has ruined his life. Bill is unable gain a driving licence, hold down a steady job or sustain any lasting or meaningful relationships. This has drove Bill to near suicide, and just when he thought all hope was lost he reads an article in a newspaper about a mysterious doctor known as ‘The Elusive Doctor’ who claims to have found a cure for this rare condition. Bill must now find The Elusive Doctor so he can be cured and finally try to build a normal life. During Bill’s journey to find The Elusive Doctor he must avoid being captured be the evil Dr. Gein and his henchmen, who want to experiment on Bill and use his illness to infect the world’s population….




Bill has been struggling with the harsh effects of having to drink alcohol in order to stay sober. Countless doctors have studied Bill, but to no avail, you need to help Bill find The Elusive Doctor, who can cure Bill and help him get his life on track.
Evil Dr. Gein wants to capture Bill so that he can take his illness and use it to infect the world.
The whereabouts of The Elusive Doctor is unknown, Bill must make his way through different cities to gain map coordinates to pinpoint the location of The Elusive Doctors laboratory.
These henchmen should be avoided as they are hard to defeat. To capture you they use their hooks to grab you ant take you back to The Evil Dr. Gein’s hideout.

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