Welcome to Contextual And Theoretical Studies (CATS)

Welcome to CATS:

Cats is the study of cultural products in the sense of how, where, why and when they were created. It also studies the theories behind the production of cultural products and how to better understand why culture changes with the passage of time and how key cultural events effect these changes.

CATS also shows us how our own work relates to and ultimately defined by work produced before and alongside our own.

Group analysis task:

As a group we were given two images to analyse that represent examples of technology and innovation.

tictactoesony portable cam

These were the images we were given to analyse and discuss within our group. We considered several key issues and words used to describe the items within the photos and evaluated their social and cultural impact upon the individual using these items as well as upon society itself, their role in the development of new media technologies and digital culture.

These were our initial findings:

  • Image #1 is an early portable video camera.
  • Gave people the ability to video their own lives.
  • Turned everyday people into movie producers.
  • Led to the miniaturization of the video camera.
  • Stood for creativity and freedom of expression.
  • Image #2 Tic Tac Toe one of the first graphic based video games.
  • Showed the capabilities of computers for the use of playing games.
  • Led to the further development of computers and of video game technologies.
  • It was fun and sociable as it is a two player game.

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