Casual v’s hardcore video games

Casual or hardcore?


Casual games are generally considered to be relatively easy to play, with little or no time needed to learn the rules or how to control the characters, the term casual gamer is also relevant here as the casual gamer also has a limited interest in games. The term ‘casual game’ was first used in reference to a video game in 1980 when Pac Man was released, as this demonstrated the fact that it was indeed easy to play and there were no complicated set of rules that the player had to follow. Nowadays casual games are mostly played on portable devices such as mobile phones and can be played for short bursts of time practically anywhere.

Hardcore games are at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to time spent playing, the complexity of the controls and the amount of rules that are to be followed. In general hardcore games require the player to dedicate many hours of playing in order to become familiar with the complex controls and rules of the game. A typical hardcore game may require many hours of playing in order to level up or to gain rewards; a game such as the Call of Duty series demonstrates these traits as many hours of playing are required to unlock weapons, perks and other un-lockable items.

In my own opinion there is no such thing as a casual or hardcore game, but there is such a thing as a casual or hardcore gamer.


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