PhotoShop Concept Art

A scene created using mainly colour burn and dodge tools.

A samurai style warrior created using polygon lasso tool and colour burn and dodge.


One thought on “PhotoShop Concept Art

  1. Hi, it’s good to see you getting work up here… and to see you’ve sorted out your navigation regarding Categories.

    You may wish to add Craft & Media Tech to that list.

    Below is a reminder of what needed on here, as we are now at teh two-thirds point, approaching the end of Semester 1

    Yr 1 Games Design – Blogs – November Reminder, 2012

    Firstly – Your blogs ARE assessed.

    Different elements of your blogs are assessed depending on what is being assessed or marked.

    ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR BLOG ARE IMPORTANT. Not just content, but the functionality and clear navigation also.
    It shows another skills set which is assessed as part of your overall mark.
    We are going to try to resolve the problems that stem from trying to maintain two blogs…

    To do this we are proposing that:
    1 – Your WordPress blog started in your Craft & Media Technology is to become your principle blog.

    2 – That both your separate blogger or other blog account designed for you Interactive Comms module AND your Wix portfolio site have easy to find links on the primary page of your wordpress account.

    3 – That if (for some strange reason we cannot fathom) you have yet to submit or post any serious amount of work to your Interactive Comm’s blog, we suggest that you copy and past your posts as new individual posts to your primary WordPress site.

    4 – That you add the appropriate Category Widget to your front page, and Categorise EVERY post you make (and re-Categorise ALL existing posts) to show which module they relate to, whether that be:

    – Interactive Communications Design (this includes your Five Star Review, etc.
    – Craft & Media Technologies (inc ALL sessions done with Gareth & Paul)
    – Technical Production Skills
    – Introduction to Games Design

    …even your Contextual Practice (CATS)
    You may wish to add a Personal Work category
    …and even a Games Reviews category.

    You really need to POST REGULARLY, and in your posts, evaluate your studio work and discuss THEORY and be critical (in an academic sense – THIS IS A DEGREE) in your blog writing, we DO mark you on this.

    If you are still confused, Paul or Gareth will help you. They are in 5 days a week now.

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