D. Fish’s Law of Zombie Movies

This is just awesome.

the liminal perspective

In honor of  Halloween, I wanted to share my take on the zombie craze.  I think it’s good fun; but I think all the movies, TV shows, and the like should follow a very important rule.  I call it…

D. Fish’s Axiom of Zombie Cinema Knowledge

“Any Zombie movie, TV show, or book, which puts itself in a specific time frame, must assume that all of the characters have the basic zombie knowledge accessible through the pop-culture of the time.”

In plain terms:  If a movie is set in 2012, at least one of the characters should have seen at least a few of the zombie flicks from the last 20 years:  Zombieland, Night of the Living Dead, the Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead, (fill in your favorite one here).

I’m just sick and tired of zombie movies that are set in the present day and people wander around…

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